The first Netscrape website came about as it was a slang word myself and Michael Smith used for the famous Netscape Corporation.

The Netscrape website was very popular and contained a slightly Tongue in cheek set of articles about the Internet in general. They have not aged very well but I will find some of them and display the most popular here when I get a chance.

I am Dan Winfield an Internet veteran. I caught the bug when travelling in Australia and the USA in 1994. I had a job in Sydney working for Digital in the customer services team for the unix Systems there. Experienced my first use of Mosaic and was immediately aware of the way things could go. Having used the text based Internet at Warwick University the difference was considerable when compared to the relatively simple HTML that Mosaic supported. On the way home to London I drove across the USA and stayed for 4 days at a college outside Philidelphia. In the computer labs there I built my first web page and got the bug.

London was not so inspiring when I arrived back at Christmas 1994. Got a Demon Internet dialup on my Amiga 4000 and tried to find others interested in the Internet. Not so easy!

Started my first business with Ashley Hollands my old room mate from the first year at University. IMM Studios was born and I had started my career in the Internet Industry.

This blog will be a combination of my posts and some from other Winfield family members.


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