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Peplink Routers

For now it seems that my favourite routers is a Peplink. For the data centre I still like Juniper and Linux routers but for advanced home and office networks the Peplink really wins in my opinion.

At home I have the Peplink 20 running the beta firmware which has the advantage of centralised Wifi management for access points.

Things I like about the Peplink.

  1. No need to reboot when you make simple changes.
  2. Nice web interface I find easy to use.
  3. Multiple WAN, I have Virgin and Voxhub connections plus occasional 3g via USB.
  4. Lots of flexible and simple rules for outbound traffic.
  5. All devices are named in the web interface, Ben’s Laptop, Theo’s Nexus
  6. Bandwidth usage graphs and per device
  7. Reliable

The better Peplink models are great too, I think it is the 380 we have in the office. This has higher bandwidth throughput and more features for managing inbound traffic. We have a 100Mb and 1Gbps connection on it and it performs brilliantly.

Peplink have this mad 4 times 4G router that would be fantastic to test if I had time. Perhaps, Trefor Davies would like to do this. We did some tests around London not that long ago for 4G on different networks. We got 40Mpbs down load at times.


Getting FTTC finally

My last post about getting BT Infinity doesn’t of course mean that I don’t still want 80Mbps down and 20Mbps upload speeds. The boys had finally taken every last bit of bandwidth the other day and I decided to get it installed.

My company Served Up has a new relationship with Entanet for our new Coband service and I decided to get FFTC as part of the ‘testing of this’. A loose excuse.

Getting it via wholesale means I avoid all the BT hassle I mentioned in my other post.

The line was in the other day and I have a 2nd January appointment.

Other reason not to get BT Infinity

I cannot believe they have become patent trolls. It was embarrassing when they claimed to own the hyperlink but now SIP!

BT unleashes SIP licensing troll army

Was thinking of getting BT Infinity but…

We have a pretty good set-up at home in regards to Internet. Our Peplink 20 links to a Voxhub connection (prioritised for VoIP and for my work traffic) and we have a Virgin connection for the family plus it has a third wan for mobile data as an emergency!

I have adjusted the settings at the exchange (I have access to this) on the Voxhub ADSL to remove download and improve upload, it syncs at a 13Mb down, 2.5 Mb up. Which is a good upload for Annex M. I am not fussed on the download speed which I can get to over 16Mb but with loss on upload, I don’t need speed for the work I am doing right now.

Virgin has been really stable since this is a cable connection. I have had a few routing issues on the virgin connection, they managed to blackhole lots of Google sites for a few days once but having stability has always made me stick. The connection is a 20 Mb down and 0.4 up.  The upload is pathetic!

Since we built the computer room for the kids we have had increased usage, we have also had an explosion of devices (nexus 7s)  plus Sky on demand downloads. Last month our download total was 72GB and there were times that things were slow on the Internet.

Being used to multiple 1GB connections at work means I started to look at alternatives for the Virgin connection since we could make use of it.

Bt Infinity 2 would give me 76Mb down and 20Mb up or I could upgrade my Virgin connection.

Having spent ages thinking about it here are the good and bad points of each.

BT Infinity 2 – Bad things

  1. Requires a telephone line package
  2. You have to make 2 calls monthly or the charge you a few pounds

BT Infinity 2 – Good things

  1. Excellent upload compared to Virgin
  2. Excellent core network and routes to the Internet.

Virgin – Bad things

  1. Oversubscribed core network and routes to the Internet
  2. Throttling of speed after a few GB downloads at peak
  3. Poor upload speeds, 0.4 is just archaic

Virgin – Good things

  1. No need to have phone line
  2. Cable connection is more stable
  3. Less effort for me to upgrade

I very nearly went with BT Infinity but the minimum calls issue stopped me.

So for the moment I have the move on pause. But I expect that i will do the move to BT and then complain to Ofcom about their dodgy minimum call clause when I next meet with them.